Pelican Trond Einar

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Pelican Trond Einar

Beitragvon trond85 » Fr, 02. Apr 2021, 18:47

Hello all together,

my concern might seem a bit crazy ...
It is about a family of pelicans (soft toys) who is looking for a place to stay as their new home.
The oldest of such pelicans has been living with me for over 25 years.
I am a big fan of Norway and visited it a few times on vacations, the oldest pelican did always travel together with me, his name is Trond Einar.
Unfortunately we do not have an opportunity now and in near future to travel to Norway, but this pelican would love to spend his remaining years in Norway, so I want to find a nice person or family who can give him a place to stay.

Does anyone have an idea how to find such a person?

Thank you very much
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